In early 2002, in an era of shifting paradigms, drum and bass label HUMAN IMPRINT was born.

Under the leadership of founder DJ/producer Damian Higgins aka Dieselboy, HUMAN moved to the forefront of the North American dnb movement, its catalog evolving into an international rogue’s gallery of dnb heavyweights with cutting edge singles, EP’s and mixed CD’s that stand as futuristic dnb classics.

Dieselboy is one of the world’s great ambassadors of drum and bass having played not only virtually every dnb club venue on the globe, but music festivals including Bonnaroo, Coachella, Creamfields (UK and Poland), Detroit Electronic Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, HFStival, Love Parade, Shambhala, SXSW, Starscape, Summerfest, Ultra, Virgin Festival (US), Jisan Valley Rock Festival (South Korea), PHAT 09 (New Zealand), and Sanctuary Drum & Bass Festival (UK).  He has performed on major tours including Playstation 2 and Moby’s Area2, as well as creating dnb tours including the Monsters Of Jungle and the legendary Planet Of The Drums.

Now HUMAN – reorganized with Dieselboy and new partner promoter/agent Steve Gordon (Steez Promo, Circle Management) at the helm – is excited to announce its relaunch with the 12” and digital release of “Planet Human” / ”Flux (feat. Arsenic)” by SPKTRM, and the debut of its new sublabel subHUMAN dedicated to dubstep and electro releases.

HUMAN’s mission is intense, high quality, and aesthetically exciting drum and bass, dubstep and electro products — great music from great artists.  From 12″’s to albums to apparel to events to tours, HUMAN is determined to do its part to expand the futures of its genres.

HUMAN is proud of its roster of established and up and coming artists.  Forthcoming HUMAN 12” releases include “Hardcore Will Never Die (feat. Counterstrike)” / ”Systems Activated (feat. Mumblez)” by Zardonic, and “Ghetto Dope” by Gein + Mayhem / ”6 Feet” by Gein + Silent Killer + Breaker.

With pending releases from Numbernin6, Muffler, and Bare, subHUMAN is set to smash dubstep heads worldwide.

Flux and uncertainty still define these times but one truth still constant is HUMAN’s passion to expand the reach of the alternative soundtracks of our lives.  For all who believe in the deeper, darker sides of bass, HUMAN remains committed to the highest quality of music that HUMAN has always stood for.  The future’s wide open.

A new era begins.

HUMAN IMPRINT – Improving Today … For A Better Tomorrow

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