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Dieselboy Live @ Bonnaroo 2010

Here is a clip from Dieselboy at the Bonnaroo Festival this year in Manchester 2010. Amazing amazing show. The first track is Bare – Bring It Back forthcoming on subHUMAN. Epic!

SPKTRM – Planet Human EP Out Today!

After a long hiatus, Human is now officially back in business. The wicked PLANET HUMAN EP from SPKTRM is currently available at all fine vinyl retailers world wide. Featuring the heavyweight track FLUX (featuring Arsenic) and the over the top anthem PLANET HUMAN that Bailey rewound twice on his 1Extra radio show, this 12″ is essential for any and all hardcore drum and bass djs. We are very proud of this release and there are many more to come over the course of the next few months. Stay tuned!

For Digital Download click HERE

Dieselboy Interview | Mainframe Vienna

Dieselboy returned to smash the venerable Mainframe nightclub in Vienna in March 2010. This is the YouTube clip from the night and a lighthearted interview from that evening!

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